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This is a picture showing the comparison of a Minature Pinscher,a German
Pinscher and a Doberman....Tia(MinPin) was an owner surrender that we
placed with the LeBlanc family in M.A.,Chula (German Pinscher) was also an
owner surrender that we placed with the Olson family of N.H.,Brie (Doberman)
belongs to us here at Mackeba Dobermans.
Brie loved having the Boston pups here with us,she cared
for them as if they were her own....in the picture above she
was picking up Faith to put her back in her bed....
Garfield stayed in the whelping box
with Beans and helped her care for all
nine of her pups during her delivery.
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Fun Photos
This page is full of pictures of our 2 legged and 4 legged friends and family members....
Home Page
Home Page
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